VLT® Decentral FCD 300

Features and benefits

Power range 
0.37 – 3.3 kW, 380–480 V 

IP66/Type 4X (indoor) as standard with special painting treatment 

The FCD 300 has a pluggable ‘twin-part’ design –installation box and electronic part (inverter). All the connections are made in the installation box, which has maintenance-free Cage Clamp connectors and looping facilities for power and fieldbus cables. Servicing can be performed in nearly no time simply by plugging another electronic part. 

Protected in a small, tight, robust, dirt repelling enclosure the FCD 300 highly meets the conditions in the Food & Beverage industry, where frequent wash downs are required.
Flexible installation 
The FCD 300 series facilitates internal power line looping. Terminals for 4 mm2 power cables inside the enclosure allows connection of up to 10+ units.

RS485 communication port for PCModbus RTU built-in as standard 

Harmonic filter 
Integrated coils in the DC link. Compliance with IEC 61000-3-2 

RFI filter 
Compliance with EN 55011 1A. 

Automatic Motor Tuning 
Perfect match between motor and drive. Measures the stator resistance (RS) without the motor shaft turning.

Accessories and Options

PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, or AS-interface as built-in option. 

Local Control Panel 
LCP2. Alphanumeric LCD display for set-up, controlling and diagnosis.

Service switch 
Lockable service switch makes local disconnect possible on either mains or motor side. 

Sensor plugs 
M12 connectors for sensor/actuator plugs. The FCD 300 provides a simple remote I/O functionality, where the inputs can be read via fieldbus. 

Motor connector 
HAN 10E connector for pluggable motor connection.

Extended functionality 
24 V external back up of control and communication, brake control and supply of electromechanical brake and additional brake chopper.