Biến tần VLT® OneGearDrive

Features and Benefits

Product range
• Power rating 1,5 - 3 kW
• Max. speed 3000 RPM @ 250 Hz
• Frequency max. 250 Hz
• Current max. 7.2 A

• Torque kt ≈ 1,7 Nm/A
• Voltage kc = 120 V / 1000 rpm

Two versions
The VLT OneGearDrive comes in two versions, the OneGearDrive Standard for use in dry and wet production areas and the OneGearDrive Hygienic for use in wet areas, areas with high cleaning intensity and aseptic and clean room production areas.

The perfect solution
The compact design of the VLT OneGearDrive makes it predestined for use in transport and conveying systems as well as machines and equipment. The drive has been designed especially for use in the food and beverage industry although it offers significant benefits in all conveyor drive applications.

One gear size – covers all application – reducing spare parts inventory
Compared to traditional systems, the VLT OneGearDrive covers all applications with one drive size and a minimal number of variants, reducing spare parts inventory and easing engineering thanks to uniform mechanical dimensions. With only one motor type and three available gear ratios, the motor concept covers all typical versions for effective conveyor drives commonly used in e.g. the food and beverage industry.

High system efficiency
The VLT OneGearDrive also uses optimised bevel gearing, which is more efficient than commonly used worm gears. The system as a whole, comprising permanent magnet three-phase synchronous motor, gear unit and frequency converter, achieves an efficiency up to 89%, yielding savings of up to 40% compared with conventional systems.

PM motor
With the VLT OneGearDrive, Danfoss recommends PM motors to achieve optimum energy efficiency. With an efficiency of the drive of potentially up to 89% and high torque, the OneGearDrive already exceeds the highest IE4 super Premium Efficiency class defined in the new EU regulation.

Flexible plant design
In combination with the VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 or the VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 the VLT® OneGearDrive is equally suited to central and decentral installations, giving the plant designer complete flexibility from the outset.

High degrees of protection
IP67 and IP69K (OGD Hygienic) – allow unrestricted use in wash down areas
IP65 and IP67 (OGD Standard) – high protection in wash down areas