Biến tần VLT® DriveMotor FCM 300

Features and benefits

Power range 
0.55 – 7.5 kW, 380–480 V

IP55 (standard) 
IP65/IP66 (optional)

Motor and drive perfectly matched 
No need for programming the drive with the motor data.

Simplified installation 
No panel space required. The DriveMotor is placed directly on the machine. 

Straight forward EMC compliance 
No cable between drive and motor. Built in RFI filter. 

RS485 communication port for PC
Modbus RTU built-in as standard 

Harmonic filter 
Integrated coils in the DC link. 
No power cable length limitation

RFI filter 
Compliance with EN 55011 1A (standard)
Compliance with EN 55011 1B (optional)

Flexible motor mounting 
B03 foot 
B05 flange 
B14 face 
B34 foot and face 
B35 foot and flange 

2-pole or 4-pole motors available

PROFIBUS DP as built-in option
Local Control Panel 
LCP2. Alphanumeric LCD display for set-up, controlling and diagnosis.

Local Operation Pad 
LOP. LED indicative control pad for start/stop, speed up/down and JOG.

Potentiometer option 
Internal mounted option for local set point of the speed.

Sensor less Pump Control 
OEM version. Offers precise pressure (head) control without using a pressure transmitter.

Forced ventilation 
For constant operation at low speed without torque reduction.