Bộ khởi động mềm MCD 100

Features and benefits

Product range
1.5 kW (MCD 100-001)
7.5 kW (MCD 100-007)
11 kW (MCD 100-011)

All sizes are rated for line voltage up to 600 V AC.

Main features
MCD 100 products provide timed voltage ramp up and down.
Ramp time can be individually adjusted with rotary switches from 0.4 to 10 seconds.
The start torque can be adjusted from 0 to 85% of the direct on-line torque.

Main benefits

A robust semiconductor design – selection can be based on motor power which ensures easy selection. Can be used for an almost unlimited number of starts per hour without derating.
An universal control voltage
(24-480 V AC / V DC) – simplifies selection and keeps stock at a minimum. A “fit and forget” contactor design – simplifies installation and reduces required panel space. Digitally controlled rotary switches – secure precise settings and simplify installation.
Ratings for heavy duty as standard – simplify selection and reduce the risk of breakdown.