PowerFlex 400 AC

PowerFlex® 400 AC Drives are optimized for control of commercial and industrial fans and pumps… Continue reading

PowerFlex 755

PowerFlex® 755 AC Drives provide ease of use, application flexibility, and high performance. They include multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features. Continue reading

PowerFlex 753

PowerFlex® 753 AC Drives are cost-effective and easy to use in general purpose applications requiring safety features…. Continue reading

PowerFlex 700H

PowerFlex® 700H High Power AC Drives provide excellent torque at low speeds for demanding speed-control applications. They support configurable control modes for a wide variety of applications… Continue reading

PowerFlex® 700L

PowerFlex® 700L AC Drives offer either PowerFlex 700 Vector Control or PowerFlex 700S Control on a fully regenerative, liquid-cooled power structure… Continue reading

PowerFlex® 700S

PowerFlex® 700S AC Drives offer optimized integration for the most demanding stand-alone, coordinated drive control and drive system applications… Continue reading

PowerFlex® 700

PowerFlex® 700 AC Drives are available in a wide range of horsepower ratings. These drives control three-phase induction motors in applications with requirements ranging from the simplest speed control to the most demanding torque control… Continue reading

PowerFlex® 70

PowerFlex® 70 AC Drives are compact packages of power, control, and operator interface designed to meet demands for space, simplicity, and reliability. These drives are easy to integrate and configure… Continue reading

VLT® 2800 Series

The VLT® 2800 series is among the smallest multi purpose drives in the market. Designed for space saving side by side mounting. Choose to have it with e.g. Motor Coils, RFI filter, LC+1B filters. Continue reading

VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive is dedicated to water and wastewater applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features… Continue reading

VLT® AutomationDrive FC 300

The VLT® Automation Drive is a single drive concept that covers the entire range of application, which is a major benefit in commissioning, operating and maintaining the equipment… Continue reading

VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 covers a power range between 1.1-315 kW. Available in a variety of protection classes the drive suits the needs of pump, fan and compressor applications…. Continue reading

VLT® OneGearDrive

VLT OneGearDrive is a highly efficient permanent-magnet three-phase synchronous motor coupled to an optimised bevel gear box. As part of the Danfoss …. Continue reading

VLT® Micro Drive FC51

The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 7.5 kW. It is a small drive with maximum strength and reliability. Continue reading

VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102

Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive is dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features, the VLT® HVAC Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership. Continue reading

VLT® DriveMotor FCM 300

The VLT® FCM 300 Series is an integrated drive-motor solution which combines a VLT® frequency converter and a high standard … Continue reading

VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302

With the introduction of the new VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302, Danfoss has raised the bar on the design and functionality of decentral drives – setting new performance standards… Continue reading

VLT® Compact Starter MCD 200

Due to extensive use of the latest technology, such as new semiconductor control algorithms and bypass design, the new soft starters are very compact … Continue reading

VLT® Decentral FCD 300

The VLT® FCD 300 is a complete frequency converter designed for decentral mounting. It can be mounted on the machine/wall -close… Continue reading

VLT® Compact Starter MCD 100

MCD 100 is a cost effective and extremely compact soft starter for AC motors up to 11 kW, due to a unique semiconductor design. Continue reading

VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500

The compact VLT Soft Starter MCD 500 is a total motor starting solution. Current transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for adaptive … Continue reading

Allen-Bradley PLC, RSView32/FactoryTalkView/Wonderware HMI, SCADA system integration
Automation process control and Instrument system
Energy Saving monitoring system, water pumps station control system
MCC (Motor Control Center) panel Builder
Telephone, PBX, Network, Fire alarm, Fire protection, Plumbing system
MV and LV switchboards